Think that you don’t have the budget for LED? Think LED has the solution.

If you’re concerned about the budget for an LED project, we can help you overcome this obstacle.

At Think LED, we take a unique approach to financing LED projects — we help you find the right solution.

All you have to do is meet the criteria for our LED lighting program:

  • Lights are on for a minimum or equivalent of 10 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Your business is not 100% converted to using LED
  • You are responsible for financial performance
  • Your building is a minimum of 10,000 sq. ft. in size


Get the Facts About LED

As a result of using consumable lighting, most businesses are paying 95% more for lighting than necessary. Installing new LED lighting will provide your business with the opportunity to generate returns of 30-70% with an LED lighting project.

At Think LED, our flexible financing options for lighting systems help businesses avoid any major capital expenditure when they switch to LED. Our financing plans can be tailored to allow businesses to pay back the initial investment over time while reducing monthly costs to generate immediate, positive cash flow.

If cash flow is not a concern, you also have the option to pay off the investment upfront. Here’s an example of an LED project that immediately generated positive cash flow for the client:

Our Process

We begin with a consultation to learn more about your business. During this session, we will ask questions about your length of stay in your current location, your leasing plan, the building’s ownership, and more.


Lighting Audit

An assessment of your current monthly expenses, based on your existing lighting systems, maintenance costs, and an analysis of your energy bills.


Quote Presentation

A detailed quote for the project will be provided, including a financial summary, comparison of savings, and an in-depth breakdown of the project investment.


Government Incentives

All applicable government incentives will be included in your quote. We will complete the applications on your behalf, once your plan is approved.


Interruption-Free Installation

Our experienced teams of technicians will install your new lighting system with no interruptions to your normal course of business.

No Risk Lighting Systems

No Risk – Our Warranty

No Risk – Positive Cash Flow Day 1

Our lighting systems pay for themselves. In one visit, we’ll identify if you qualify for Think LED and we’ll show you that your monthly energy bill costs will be greater than than the payment for the new LED system.

On average, our clients generate over $20,000/year in cash flow after using our systems.

No Risk – Capital Financing Available

Interest rates starting at 2.9%

No Risk – Over 1,000 Projects Installed

Since 2008, we guide clients like you through the process from start to finish. We design the system, manage the project, install the lights, and maintain everything that we install in your facility.

No Risk – Minimal Operational Disruption

We specialize in providing lighting installations for industrial facilities. Our experienced team can complete a full installation with minimal operational disruption for your team.

No Risk – Industry-Leading 10 Year Colour Shift Warranty

We offer a decade-long, comprehensive warranty for our LED light systems.