LED Lights that actually perform for years and years… and years.

All LED Lights look great for 3 years, is that how long you’re looking to keep yours? Think LEDs are warrantied for 10 years.

No Risk Lighting Systems

No Risk – Positive Cash Flow Day 1

Our lighting systems pay for themselves. In one visit, we’ll identify if you qualify for Think LED and we’ll show you that your monthly energy bill costs will be greater than than the payment for the new LED system.

On average, our clients generate over $20,000/year in cash flow after using our systems.

No Risk – Capital Financing Available

Interest rates starting at 2.9%

No Risk – Over 1,000 Projects Installed

Since 2008, we guide clients like you through the process from start to finish. We design the system, manage the project, install the lights, and maintain everything that we install in your facility.

No Risk – Minimal Operational Disruption

We specialize in providing lighting installations for industrial facilities. Our experienced team can complete a full installation with minimal operational disruption for your team.

No Risk – Industry-Leading 10 Year Colour Shift Warranty

We offer a decade-long, comprehensive warranty for our LED light systems.

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About  LED

Think LED is an industry-leading LED lighting company, based in Cambridge, Ontario. With over 10 years experience in the industry, our team has seen the evolution of LED technology firsthand and we understand the challenges faced by business owners in this space. We are here to help you do LED the right way.

We specialize in providing turnkey LED solutions for businesses. Our team has hands-on experience retrofitting manufacturing facilities, food production plants, warehouse and distribution centres, retail stores, and municipal infrastructure across North America — and you can hear what our past clients say about us here.

At Think LED, we offer tailored financial options to help business owners distribute payments and better control cash flow during a lighting transition. We also sell direct to our clients, skipping the layers of manufacturing, to deliver high-quality, fully-warrantied products that we service with our in-house team of technicians.