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This page contains our statement about your personal privacy while accessing this website.

Welcome to the Think Green Solutions website. We appreciate your interest in us. As you navigate this site and communicate with us via this site, we may ask you to disclose certain personal information so that we can provide you with the highest quality information and services.

In order for you to make an informed decision about whether to disclose your personal information to us via this site, we are providing you with the following information about how we collect and use personal information.

By 'personal information', we mean data that is unique to an individual, such as a name, address, e-mail address or telephone number.

We may use personal information for the following purposes

(a) verifying your identity so that we can be sure that all of our communications with you are secure and confidential;

(b) responding to enquiries or requests from you;

(c) delivering web-based products and services to you.

We will not collect personal information about you unless you provide us with this information voluntarily.

In some cases, and in all cases where required by law or regulation, you will be able to update the information that you provide to us either by sending us an e-mail or, where you have established personal profiles with us, by updating your profile online. Please refer to the specific pages where data is collected for more information.

Except in connection with the sale, transfer, merger, consolidation or other transaction involving all or part of our company, we will not sell, license or otherwise transfer any rights to your personal information to any third party unless expressly authorized by you.

We may transmit or disclose your personal information to third parties

(a) if required by law, such as pursuant to a subpoena, regulatory oversight or other legal process;

(b) to enable Think Green Solutions Inc. contractors or vendors to perform certain services for us, including, but not limited to, website maintenance and performance improvement tasks.

This website is not directed to and we will not knowingly collect personally-identifiable information from minors under the age of thirteen (13) without their parents’ consent.

In all cases, we will disclose your personally identifiable information consistent with applicable laws and regulations and we will require the recipient to protect the information and use it only for the purpose it was provided.


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