Should I wait to switch to LED?

No, you should not wait to switch to LED.

If you are not using LED lighting, you are overspending on electricity on a monthly basis. Most businesses are paying 95% too much because they are using consumable lighting. You have the opportunity to generate returns of 30-70% with an LED lighting project.

Does an LED installation interrupt day-to-day operations?

Think LED installations create minimal interruption to your day-to-day operations. Our experienced teams of technicians will work around your schedule or find solutions to help you continue running as normal — even if you’re operating a 24-hour business..

Can I see your LED lighting demoed in my facility?

We absolutely can demo LED lights in your facility. Seeing is believing.

How long will it take to retrofit my facility?

A full retrofit will depend on the size of the facility, hours of operation, and several other determining factors. We will provide you with an accurate estimate after completing a site assessment.

How long will your LED lighting last?

Life expectancy vs how long the product will last are very different things. Just because the light is on, does not mean it`s useful for your business. Colour degradation, and glare are the biggest issues in LED Lighting. This is why reading the fine print on any warranty for LED is important. All Think LED products come with 5 – 10 year warranties.

What colour LED lights should I use?

You should select the colour of your LED lights based on your application and your environment. After a site assessment, we will be happy to provide you with a recommendation. In general, 5000K lighting is best for most applications, as it ensures the human body has the energy to perform and stay awake.

NOTE** Every manufacturers 5000K colour is a little different and many, if not all of them may degrade in colour over time.

What is the most important metric for a lighting product?

The most important metric for a lighting product is uniformity of light. Many other metrics are used in the industry, such as lux, foot-candle, colour temperature (kelvin), or horizontal foot-candle — but good uniformity of light will ensure that the presence of shadows in your work environment is kept to a minimum. This will ensure that your eyes do not have to work as much to recalibrate when looking around, which is a leading cause of fatigue.