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Is your water bill more than $3,000 a month? With proven water bill reductions of between 8-15% a month, we guarantee to save you money. And if we don’t, we’ll remove the Innovalve at our cost!
Features of the Innovalve
  • Innovalve keeps your flow rate in the desired range for additional water meter accuracy
  • Innovalve reduces excessively high water pressure
  • Innovalve eliminates over consumption due to high pressure
  • Innovalve conserves water, especially in facilities without pressure reducers or flow regulators
  • Innovalve keeps the water line pressurized at the meter to avoid being charged for air volume
  • Innovalve acts as a shock absorber against pressure surges and drops.
How Much Money can I Save?

Saving are determined by several factors including:

  • City pressure (PSI) and amount of pressure fluctuation
  • Flow rate and flow capacity (GPM)
  • The amount of air in the line at any given time
  • The amount of non-volumetric water consumption.
Innovalve Specifications
  • When installed, each valve is infinitely adjustable. Your Innovalve will not impede the water flow and retains the full internal diameter of the pipe, i.e. a 6” valve has a full 6” flow capacity.
  • Each installed Innovalve carries a Lifetime Warranty. If in the unlikely event your Innovalve is defective, we will repair or replace the valve.
  • Innovalve fits all standard size pipes. Typically, 1.5in to 10in sizes.
  • Innovalve has no impact on Gallon per minute (GPM) flow.
  • Each Innovalve carries the following certifications: CSA certified, NSF61 rating (drinking water), NSF372 (lead content safe), Canadian Food Grade compliance.
Our 90 Day Guarantee

We offer a 90-day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. That’s right, we are so confident the Innovalve will reduce your water bill that we will let you try it for 90 days and see the results yourself. If you’re not happy with the performance for any reason, just return the valve for a full refund of the purchase.

Innovalve is perfect for

Apartment Building

Hotels & Condos: compact urban living in cities increases the use of water. Kitchens, toilets, washbasins and showers use large amounts of water. Installing an Innovalve on the water mains can reduce the total water bill between 8-15%.

Food Processing

Food Processing: water is used for chilling, scalding, washing, cleaning, and waste conveying. Poultry processing uses up to 3.5–7 gallons per bird. Installing an Innovalve can reduce the total water bill between 8-15%.

Innovalve reduces the amount of water used in plastics manufacturing

Plastics manufacturing: each pound of plastic requires the use of 22 gallons of water. Installling an Innovalve can potentially reduce the total water bill by as much as 15%.

Innovalve is ideal for swimming pools

Pools: facilities with hot tubs or pools use large amounts of water. Installing an Innovalve on the water mains can reduce the total water bill between 8-15%.


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