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Who We Are

Think Green Solutions supports a group of Canadians who volunteer their time collectively. The Group has a passion for connecting people and resources with the forgotten people of the world. Their goal is to engage and develop skills and vision amongst those living in poverty, so that they may be encouraged towards positive change for their future and the future of their families and communities.

Working in rural areas of Kenya, Mexico, Uganda and locally in Guelph, Ontario Canada, we connect people who have a desire to help others with people who need support. As a project-based organization, we initiate and support projects that have a lasting impact and offer sustainable and positive change for all those involved.

Our Projects

We have five key priority projects that we ask that you make a donation towards. Donations can be made with either a credit or debit card by clicking the orange 'LEARN MORE' buttons below.

A Home for the Homeless

Forgotten People, Ontario

Guelph, Ontario
Finding funds for the first and last month's rent is impossible for the individual we are working with.  In June 2022, the recipient will turn 65 and will have incoming funds through Canadian Pension Plan and Old Age Security however, your support will allow for the possibility of spending winter indoors for the first time in 6 years; finding an affordable apartment in Guelph or surrounding area, that is safe and can be called a home.


Send Girls to School in Kenya

Girls schooling in Kenya

Our dream is to see Kenyans equipped with tools and strategies to see their nation transformed. We believe that a nation's ability to pull itself out of poverty lies with the will of the people. 

Teenage girls are the most at risk of human trafficking, abuse and pregnancy. School keeps them safe and off the streets. It provides them with a meal each day and focuses on personal hygiene and life skills.

Your donation will support 2 teenage girls with an opportunity to continue their studies and provide hope for a better future.



Sew Much to Give

Bugembe, Uganda  Communities for Women’s Health is about empowering women through teaching sewing skills and mentoring girls on sustainable health and hygiene.

The program supports a local tailor to teach sewing skills one-on-one with each girl and a local nurse who mentors small groups about menstrual health and avoiding pregnancy.

Each program intake cycle addresses 20 girls. The program is run in a local church of a rural area where access to medical care is scarce. Your support helps prevent early pregnancies in girls and can help alleviate pain or even fatal infections. The Sewing Community is a positive environment for the girls to be together and receive much-needed guidance and mentorship while learning valuable life-long skills.


The Water Project

 The Water Project, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico

Vicente Guerrero, Mexico
Water for families in many communities, is never taken for granted. Making $10 a day in the picking fields, to purchase water for daily chores can be very costly. Women arriving home early in the evening do not have the luxury of just turning on the tap to meet daily needs. Our hope is to help provide for 12 single mothers and three elderly couples on a weekly basis. But this is an ongoing need...there will always be a need for water. Someone once said, "he who gives a cup of water to the littles ones, shall not lose their reward." Thank you for caring enough to make a difference.


Women's Shelter

The Women's Shelter – Vicente Guerrero, Baja Mexico

Vicente Guerrero, Mexico 
The walls are up! What was supposedly impossible is becoming a reality When you see what your donations can accomplish, it can bring the feeling of thrill and excitement! The women of Mujeres Neuvo Comienzo, "Women New Beginning", of Vicente Guerrero, Baja Mexico, would like to say Mucho Gracias for helping give them a second chance at life.


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