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Who We Are

Think Green Solutions supports a group of Canadians who volunteer their time collectively. The Group has a passion for connecting people and resources with the forgotten people of the world. Their goal is to engage and develop skills and vision amongst those living in poverty, so that they may be encouraged towards positive change for their future and the future of their families and communities.

Working in rural areas of Kenya, Mexico, Uganda and locally in Guelph, Ontario Canada, we connect people who have a desire to help others with people who need support. As a project-based organization, we initiate and support projects that have a lasting impact and offer sustainable and positive change for all those involved.

Our Projects

We have two key priority projects that we ask that you make a donation towards. Donations can be made with either a credit or debit card by clicking the orange 'LEARN MORE' buttons below.

Food for Sustainability

Food for sustainability and survival

Bugembe, Uganda

Funds raised will be used to purchase food staples such as maize, flour and beans for the most needy in rural areas, surrounding Bugembe, Jinja, Uganda.  This already poor area has been recently affected by food shortages due to disruptions in the food chain and logistics due to the events in the Ukraine and distributions of food supplies throughout Africa.  

The remaining funds will be used to create sustainability for more people in this region, encouraging HOPE by planting crops of maize, beans and  plantains (Matoke) and to continue with mixed farming of vegetables in the same field.  

Local people are hired to plant and tend the fields and benefit from its yields for their families.


Wheelchair for Grace

Wheelchair for Grace

Kambala, Uganda

My name is Grace Nyiiro. I am 39 years old.

On November 20th, 2015, I was in a car accident that caused injuries to my spine and left me paralysed. I have been unable to function normally since then.

Before the accident, I had just returned from Sweden where I had completed my masters degree in social work and human rights.

Unfortunately I have failed to receive proper rehabilitation because of high costs and lack of services in Uganda. I feel stuck not being able to do anything for myself and relying on others.

I am writing to seek support to fund a more functional wheelchair that will improve my ability to live more independently.  I still believe I have the ability to live more meaningfully.

I am very grateful for your support because it keeps my hope alive.



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