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With energy savings of up to 86% and a lifespan of 100,000 hours, it’s no wonder Induction Lighting solutions from Think Green are the preferred lighting of savvy industry leaders wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and ever-growing energy costs.
Purposely designed for commercial and industrial applications, our Induction Lighting products offer a wide range of lighting solutions that are perfectly adapted to any kind of environment. High bay lighting, low bay lighting, street lighting, tunnel lighting, garage lighting, flood lighting, surface mount lighting, and more. You will find what you need with our Think Green Induction Lighting systems.
High Bay / Low Bay Induction Lighting
Our High Bay / Low Bay Induction Lights are our most popular induction lighting products and are perfect to replace high bay and low bay Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights. Our High Bay induction lights are typically used in warehouses, workshops, or supermarkets where high-quality, high-efficiency, long-lasting lighting is required.
Tunnel Induction Lighting
Our Tunnel Induction Light offers unmatched lifespan of 100,000 hours, high quality lighting and instant ON capabilities. Its breakthrough design make it the perfect choice for providing high quality, high efficiency lighting to any kind of tunnel structure.
Garage Induction Lighting
Our Garage Induction Lights feature corrosion resistant, shatter proof housing perfect for garage, parking garages and gas station environments.
Induction Flood Lighting
Our Induction Flood Lights are the perfect solution to provide high efficiency and high quality lighting to parks, buildings, billboards, etc. The breakthrough design of our Flood Induction fixtures provides constant, high quality lighting for environments where flood lighting is required.
Induction Barn Lighting
Our Induction Barn Lights are the perfect solution to provide high efficiency and high quality lighting to barns and other outdoor buildings. The breakthrough design of our Barn Induction fixtures provides constant, high quality lighting for this specific type of environment.
Induction Lighting Technology Overview
Benefits of Induction Lighting
Frequently Asked Questions
The basic technology for induction lamps is not particularly new. Essentially, an induction lamp is an electrodeless fluorescent. Without electrodes, the lamp relies on the fundamental principles of electromagnetic induction and gas discharge to create light. The elimination of filaments and electrodes results in a lamp of unmatched life. Lasting 100,000 hours, this system can outlast 100 incandescent, five HID, or five typical fluorescent lamp changes.

Based on these well-known principles, light can be generated via a gas discharge through simple magnetism. Electromagnetic transformers, which consist of rings with metal coils, create an electromagnetic field around a glass tube which contains the gas, using a high frequency that is generated by an electronic ballast. The discharge path, induced by the coils, forms a closed loop causing acceleration of free electrons, which collide with mercury atoms and excite the electrons. As the excited electrons from these atoms fall back from this higher energy state to a lower stable level, they emit ultraviolet radiation. The UV radiation created is converted to visible light as it passes through a phosphor coating on the surface of the tube. The unusual shape of an induction lamp maximizes the efficiency of the fields that are generated.

Although it is not breakthrough science, until recently, it has not been so commercially viable. New developments have broken down the barriers of costs and technological setbacks, such as EMC interference, lumen depreciation, ability to dim, and a useful range of available wattages. Today, its obvious benefits make it the clear-cut choice for many lighting applications over traditional light sources.

Whatever aspect of lighting that you prioritize, Think Induction Lighting is superior in many categories: energy efficiency, life, color rendition, lumen depreciation, waste/heat output, glare, the list goes on. THINK light fixtures are truly the next generation of electric light that is set to displace several existing forms of electric lighting.
  • 10 year warranty on a complete system
  • 100,000 hour lifespan
  • Full financing up to 7 years
  • Instant return on investment
  • 85+ Lumens per watt / 192 Pupil lumens
  • No maintenance
  • No costly bulb changes every 2-5 years
  • High color rendering index (CRI) of 85+
  • Instant start, flicker-free (hot or cold starts)
  • High generator power factor (PF) up to 0.98 / 98% efficiency
  • Low lumen depreciation of less than 30% over lifetime
  • Sensor activation add-on option, can be used with photocell or motion sensors
  • 100% recyclable, mercury-free product
  • Lowest heat output technology available
  • Purest light out there, comparable to daylight
Why choose induction lighting over other alternatives?
Because the complete fixture is maintenance free throughout its 100,000 hour lifespan and promises to reduce your energy costs by at least 50%
Why is induction lighting technology considered more environmentally friendly than others?
Again mainly due to the energy savings achieved but in addition to this, the mercury content within the induction lamp is in a solid form. This allows the lamp to be 100% recyclable. Furthermore, because of the 100,000 hour lifespan that is provided, one would be required to change each conventional lamp fixture 5 times over that same period.
How is the induction lighting performance affected by temperature?
It performs at over 90% of its light output capacity between -40C to 50C (-40F to 140F).
Are induction lights resistant to vibration?
The fact that Induction lamps are electrode less results in this technology being the ideal choice for environments that experience higher levels of vibration such as bridges and tunnels.
How much heat is produced by induction lamps in comparison to what’s out there?
If you take high bays for example, most existing warehouses are lit up by high pressure sodium and metal-halide 400W fixtures. The heat levels for both of these will range between 600F and 900F. When you compare this to an induction lamp application which ranges between 75F and 150F, the benefits become obvious.
Are induction lamps certified for the North American market?
Most of our products range between 120v to 347v and are already UL, cUL and CSA certified.
Where should you install induction lights?
Everywhere! They can be used in warehouses, arenas, gymnasiums, factories, bridges, tunnels, shopping centers, parking lots, supermarkets, etc.
Why should you choose induction lamps over of those new efficient technologies like fluorescent T5 and T8?
Because induction lighting is considered maintenance free over its 100,000 hour lifespan. Compare this to 25,000 lifespan T5 and T8 lighting offer and also historically will involve having to change between 2 to 8 bulbs per fixture. In addition, induction lamps are 100% recyclable, unlike fluorescent lighting that are full of a form of liquid mercury which is very harmful to our environment. Last but not least, induction fixtures will operate on motion sensors without affecting their 100,000 hour lifespan, T5 and T8 lighting cannot make this claim.
What quality of light will Think Induction Lighting provide to you?
Think Induction Lighting will provide color rendering index of 85+ with Kelvin temperatures ranging from 2520 to 6500K. They will also provide you with 192 pupil lumens per watt.

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