Cutten Fields

Cutten Fields Guelph, Ontario, Canada “We went through the proposal and saw the cost savings were projected to be 73% with over a 1 year payback, so it just made sense to get into the project.” [...]

The Elliott

Guelph, Ontario, Canada “I heard feedback from a person, who came looking for retirement and did not choose our home because it looked dark and deserted. Since the lighting project, they picked [...]

Jamieson Laboratories

Toronto, Ontario, Canada “The Think LED lighting system is definitely an A+ financial project, based on the ROI and the simple payback — this can’t be beat.” Kevin Markovich, Production Manager [...]


Guelph, Ontario, Canada “We’ve got a proper, modern lighting system, better quality of lighting, better experience for the employees, and we’re not poisoning the environment at the same time. [...]

Unisync Group

Guelph, Ontario, Canada “It was very comforting that they came in with an engineer’s solution, did all the homework to provide the energy savings, the cost savings, and the return on investment. [...]