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The Elliott

“I heard feedback from a person, who came looking for retirement and did not choose our home because it looked dark and deserted. Since the lighting project, they picked The Elliott as their number one home and said there was a big difference in the feeling of the building from three years ago.”
Fiona Melitic, Marketing Coordinator
The Elliott is a retirement community in Guelph, Ontario that provides long-term living options for seniors. Before approaching Think LED, their Directors began looking for ways to reduce the monthly costs of energy bills and transition from the old T8 lights. Their team met with Think LED to discuss an LED retrofit as a way to achieve this goal.
Scope of Work: 2,500 T8 lamps upgraded
Monthly Savings: $10,800
Cost Savings:
Payback Period:
CO2 Reduction: 502 acres of trees

The new LED panels created a much more natural light, like walking outside. Residents commented that the new lighting made everyday activities, such as reading newspapers or playing bingo, much easier — especially for those with visual impairments. The brightness was also helpful to the staff, who were able to maintain their energy levels throughout the day.

An additional benefit of the project was that The Elliott’s management team were able to reinvest capital in other projects, such as flooring, equipment, and refurbishing.

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