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“I wouldn’t even want to think about going back to that other lighting ever again.”
Armando Medeiros, Supervisor
Samuel, Son & Co. was faced with high energy and maintenance costs at their Metal Blanking facility in Brantford, ON. The old lighting system was mainly a mix of 1,000W metal halide and high-pressure sodium fixtures. In addition to the elevated hydro consumption, it was also difficult to maintain the lighting system at 42’ with lamps and ballasts burning out after a few short years. Another concern was that the yellow wash of the high pressure sodium lighting did not allow for proper colour rendition and gave the facility a dark quality. Crane operators and others experienced direct glare from the point source lighting which caused headaches and forced them to drop their glasses to see properly. The facility was also prone to numerous blackouts year-round and the long startup times of the old lights after power outages would result in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars worth of missed production.
Think 400 watt RHB highbay fixtures were installed and made an immediate positive impact. Aside from the marked energy savings of 48%, the maintenance was all but eliminated due to the long-rated life of Think induction backed by the 10 year warranty. The lights start up within a second, eliminating the power outage issues, the eye glare, and the headaches. The atmosphere is much brighter and the daylight quality of the Think induction lighting has led to improved moods within the workforce.
Annual savings of $54,000 per year including maintenance
Payback less than 3 years with ROI of over 35%
$23,000 incentive from the Province of Ontario
320,044 KWH saved per year
Samuel Metal Blanking will save 464,064 lbs of CO2 emissions per year
The equivalent of taking 52 cars off the road every year
The equivalent of saving 23,203 Gallons of gasoline from being burned every year
The equivalent of planting 8,922 trees per year, or 178,447 trees over 20 years

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