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Phil’s Valu-Mart

“I think now that we’re starting to see all the benefits, whether it’s the light or the financials. If I had another business to change, it would already be done. The bottom line is that any retailer that’s on the fence — you need to get it done. It’s going to help you in the long run.”
Phil Leboudec, Owner
Phil’s Valu-Mart is a grocery store in the Niagara area that was having challenges with the long-term financial costs of their lighting system and wanted to make a change. Employees complained about having to wait for numerous lights to burn out before changing them because of the difficulty in accessing them.
Scope of Work:
Monthly Savings: $2,283
Cost Savings: 40%
Payback Period: 1.7 Years
CO2 Reduction: 3,475 trees
Government Incentives: $8,365 from Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro

The new LED lighting was a night-and-day change for the customers and employees of Phil’s Valu-Mart. Employees had more energy, which resulted in higher sales and a better shopping experience for customers. The LEDs gave the store a cleaner look and added vibrancy to the colour of the produce.

Customers were happy to hear that Phil’s had gone eco-friendly and indicated they’d recently stopped supporting businesses with poor environmental practices. In addition, lights were no longer burning out, which virtually eliminated maintenance.

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