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Peerless Machine & Tool Corporation

“We love the new lights. Please feel free to bring customers in anytime to see our lights. Especially in our CNC area, the lighting is so much better and our operators can easily see to set up their machines. We are really glad we decided on the Think induction lighting.”
Adam Miller, Director of Operations
The plant was faced with a combination of poor light quality and high energy costs. By producing high-quality custom machines and tool equipment, high-quality lighting was a necessity. Dimensions and tolerances on this equipment are exact and the machine operators needed to see clearly without straining.
Peerless installed 47-200 watt Think induction high bays to replace 47-400w metal halide fixtures resulting in an energy savings of 53%. As a result of the successful rollout, phases 2 & 3 will be completed in the summer of 2013. With a 100,000 hour life span, the Think induction lighting system is expected to provide Peerless with over 19 years of service and eliminate the maintenance cost of changing metal halide bulbs and ballasts. Think induction lights also allowed Peerless to benefit from the instant-start technology without affecting the lifespan or warranty. Now, they can turn the lights off in areas when not needed, and get instant light when they turn them back on.
ROI of 2.90 years
$141,146 in energy + maintenance savings over 10 years
The Indiana Michigan custom lighting incentive program will provide Peerless with an incentive of more than $6,500.
108,576 kwh saved per year (upon completion of all 3 phases of the project)
157,435 lbs. of CO2 emissions per year
Equivalent of taking 16 cars off the road and 7,782 gallons of gasoline from being burned each year
Planting 3,206 trees per year or 30,260 over 10 years

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