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“We chose Think induction lighting over other competitors because of the 10 year registered warranty and the financial impact it provided to our company. Our sales representative treated us with professionalism and when I asked him to give me some time, he did! We are also in the process of the second phase for our plant and second plant in Ontario.”
Fred Deshaw, Vice President Purchasing
KSR International was faced with the high maintenance costs of always replacing their burnt out metal halides. The cost of their energy consumption in regards to their lighting was also a huge concern. KSR’s energy runs 24/7, so they were facing high energy costs for their lights to be on at all times. They had very poor quality of light for their workers to be productive and at times the light was very dull.
KSR went with Think 200 watts HBDC induction lights to replace their 400 watt metal halides. By choosing this option for their lighting project, they were able to accomplish 53% energy savings and an instant return on investment. With the 10 year registered warranty, the Think lighting system has provided KSR with a maintenance-free system. The Think induction lamps have improved their lighting quality dramatically. KSR workers say it is like working under daylight.
$287,676 in total savings for the first 10 years, including maintenance
ROI period of 15 months, with a lifespan of 218 months
$9,524 Save on Energy grant
190,488 kWh saved each year
276,208 pounds less CO2 per year
Same effect as planting 5,311 trees or 7.58 acres of trees per year

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