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“We are completely satisfied with our new Think induction lighting. It has given us more consistent lighting throughout the plant while eliminating maintenance on the lighting system.”
Kale Sparling, Engineering Manager
Henry Technologies was investigating a lighting system upgrade to reduce the maintenance burden and energy cost of their existing metal halide lights. Their five-year-old system required lamp and ballast changes on a regular basis. Their occasional power interruptions compromised safety and productivity while lights cooled off to restrict and warm up again. Henry Technologies was seeking a long-term solution that would provide reliable, consistent light and reduce operating costs.
After considering LED, fluorescent, and electronic HID solutions, Henry Technologies settled on Think induction. Our 200 watt fixtures allowed a one-to-one replacement of 173 existing lights, utilizing existing distribution and mounting hardware for a very efficient installation. We were able to match existing light levels with a 100,000 hour lifespan and instant-on solution, so their maintenance department can focus on tasks with production value instead of nuisance issues.
$334,770 in total savings for the first 10 years
$52,840 maintenance costs savings in the first 10 years guaranteed
ROI period of 21 months, with a lifespan of 204 months
257,516 kWh saved each year
373,398 pounds less of CO2 per year
Same effect as planting 7,179 trees or 10.26 acres of trees per year

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