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Cutten Fields

“We went through the proposal and saw the cost savings were projected to be 73% with over a 1 year payback, so it just made sense to get into the project.”
Brenda Wanzel, Administration Manager
Cutten Fields Golf Club in Guelph requested a proposal for an LED project in 2013 as a way to reduce costs for the club and improve the environment for both staff and members. The club administration was looking to switch from fluorescent lighting to LED tubes and move to light without the yellow hue.
Scope of Work:
Monthly Savings:
Cost Savings: 73%
Payback Period: 1 Year
Warranty: 5 Years
CO2 Reduction:

After the transition, both members and staff noticed a huge, positive difference. The LED lights created a brighter, warmer environment and made a big impact on people experiencing the lighting for the first time. Members thought the club had been repainted, while a visiting health inspector commented that the kitchen looked cleaner, as a result of the lights.

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