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Colisée Desjardins of Victoriaville

“It’s unanimous; our new THINK induction lighting system has proven its worth with camera operators, photographers and spectators alike. We are absolutely pleased with the results.”
Yves Bonneau, Tigers Marketing Director
The arena was faced with high energy and maintenance costs with their previous lighting technology along with poor lighting quality. Also, the Victoriaville Tigers of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League were facing two other problems. The arena needed an instant-start lighting system so that it could turn the lights on and off each time the home team scored a goal. Their second problem was they needed to enhance their lighting to meet HD broadcast standards for the upcoming World Under-17 Hockey Challenge event they were to be hosting.
By installing 48-400 watt THINK induction lighting fixtures we were able to replace 30-1,000 watt metal halide fixtures. This resulted in energy savings of more than 44% for lighting the ice surface of the Colisée of Victoriaville. With a 100,000 hour lifespan, the THINK induction lamps also help to eliminate all costs for maintaining ice surface lighting. The lamps also enabled the organization to benefit from instant-start lighting without affecting the lifespan or warranty, a problem it had sought to resolve for several years. In regards to the quality of the lighting for broadcasting in high definition, we merely have to compare the before and after photos and videos, which can be viewed on the Victoriaville Tigers website:
$133,920 in total savings for the first 10 years, including maintenance
ROI period of 33 months, with a lifespan of 218 months
$8,632.80 in Hydro Quebec financial support
86,327 kilowatt-hours saved each year
102,399 pounds less CO2 per year
Same effect as planting 1,969 trees or 2.82 acres of trees per year

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