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Canadian Tire Georgetown

“I was absolutely astounded when the electricity bill came in. I wasn’t sure if it was because part of the store was turned off during the conversion, but then they just kept on coming and staying. The savings were showing. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never did!”
Tom Kase, Owner
The Georgetown Canadian Tire store has been working with Think LED for over four years, and converted their office, service area, and warehouse to LED. The goal of this project was to change the retail area to LED in order to brighten the space for employees and customers, save on electricity bills, and eliminate the costs of replacing ballasts.
Scope of Work:
Monthly Savings: $3,709
Cost Savings:
Payback Period:
Warranty: 10 Years
CO2 Reduction:

The new LED installation was able to deliver on all counts. Employees noticed more vividness in the store, which gave them more energy at the end of their shifts and made it easier for customers to read print and find items.

The installation cut their monthly electricity bills in half and virtually eliminated maintenance costs for their lighting. Over a three year period, there were no failures of ballasts and the colour of the lights remained consistent.

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