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“It was very comforting that they came in with an engineer’s solution, did all the homework to provide the energy savings, the cost savings, and the return on investment. It made it very easy for me to go to my executives and get approval to implement this project.”
David Fralick, VP Distribution
The Unisync Group is Canada’s largest corporate apparel distributor and a full project management company, working with the largest national brands across the country. They were looking for cost savings, wanted to provide a more productive environment for their employees, and wanted to stay ahead of green trends in the industry.
Scope of Work:
Monthly Savings: $3,664
Cost Savings:
Payback Period:
CO2 Reduction: 7,210 trees

Think LED presented a comprehensive proposal, outlining the savings and the return on investment, which was quickly approved by Unisync. During the installation, managers commented on how the installation team was very professional, efficient, and never got in the way. Upon completion, employees were surprised and impressed by the brightness of the new lighting, which was able to decrease eye strain and make the production facility much cooler during the summer.

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