Elmira, Ontario, Canada

“If another dealer called me up and asked me about the project, I’d say it’s a no-brainer. At the end of the day, you’re going to have a beautiful looking store and you’re going to save money every month on hydro.”
Krista McBay, Owner

The Challenge

The transition to LED was the biggest project that Home Hardware Elmira’s owner had undertaken since purchasing the store. She wanted to save time, frustration, and money. When it came to lighting, she was especially tired of changing broken ballasts in their old T8 lighting.

The Result

Scope of Work:
Monthly Savings: $1,735
Cost Savings: 59%
Payback Period:
Warranty: 10 Years
CO2 Reduction:

The LED installation provided instant gratification. Staff and customers noticed the change — the store had fewer shadows and it was easier to see the products. The biggest difference was the ability to see colours accurately on the chip rack in the paint department, instead of taking them outside.

Another major benefit of the project was that it was completed without any capital expenditure. The store’s savings were greater than before and they experienced positive cash flow in the first month — thanks to financing options provided by Think LED.

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