Elora, Ontario, Canada

“I would definitely recommend this to other dealers. If I had a second store, I would be doing it right now. The impact on the store was immediate.”
Patty Smith, Owner

The Challenge

Patty Smith, the owner at Home Hardware Elora, chose to switch to LED because she couldn’t stand looking at her outrageous hydro bills. She also wanted to reduce her environmental footprint. She chose to work with Think LED because she was confident in our product lines, and, when she looked at the savings, she realized it would be crazy not to move forward with the project.

The Result

Scope of Work:
Monthly Savings: $408
Cost Savings:
Payback Period:
Warranty: 5 Years
CO2 Reduction:

After the transition, the biggest difference in the store was the brightness. The new LEDs made an immediate, positive impact on the store and was the best thing the owner had done in 2015. Employees commented that the whole store was lit up, removing dark spots in certain aisles where it was hard to read tags. One dramatic example was in the paint department — they noticed that customers did not have to take paint chips outside to see the tone anymore.

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